The privilege of choice:
from Verelé to Carnaroli, to other select varieties.

Origini is a new high-quality rice proposal, designed for taste explorers and those who are constantly in search of new, exquisite gastronomic experiences.

Verelé Long Grain Black Rice,
born to surprise

A quality that originates from the prized black rice of the Vercelli cultivation, but depending on the intensity of the processing gives rise to different types of rice, ranging from pink to purple to black.

The Verelé variety is a type of rice registered in the Varietal Register as ‘Long Grain Rice‘, which is characterised by its naturally aromatic black pericarp. The main characteristics are the long, semi-tapered, coarse grain with a central, slightly extended pearl, a pronounced tooth and a rounded cross-section.

Nero assoluto

Whole-grain rice, a rich in nature pleasure

Long, well shelled grains with an aroma that is reminiscent of freshly baked bread.

The nice touch for salads and side dishes.

Rosa puro

The novelty: the elegant rice that conquers

Completely refined rice with a crunchy, full-bodied grain and intense aroma.

Perfect for risottos and memorable recipes.

Viola intenso

Notes on colour and flavour

Semi-processed rice with aromatic hints, rich in nuances and with tasty, firm grains.

Ideal for side dishes and one-dish meals.

Organic Carnaroli rice, the king of rices

The historical variety of Italian rice cultivation and the most widely used for traditional risottos , but also for new experiments and flavour explosions.

This is a superfine rice with the highest quality characteristics of Italian production. It is cultivated using the organic method to ensure a totally natural process at every stage. Also known as the ‘king of rices’, its firm and tasty grain releases just the right amount of starch and is characterised by its excellent cooking properties.

The method is called green mulching. This is a cultivation technique aimed at reducing the consumption of fertiliser, water and seeds, and does not involve the use of herbicides. Mulching takes place in two stages: in the autumn, grass is sown in the paddy field, a mix of grasses and crops that will grow until late spring.

The grassland is then felled with a roller and the rice seed is laid directly: in this way, the grain germinates under the weave of grass, the so-called green mulch, which naturally inhibits weed growth.

Bianco essenziale

Carnaroli rice, the greatness of a classic

The king of Italian rice with its large, elongated and extraordinarily compact grains grown organically.

Perfect for creamy risottos.

Basmati, a mountain treasure

This popular, highly fragrant rice originates in the fertile Punjab region straddling India and Pakistan, in the land known as the ‘land of the five rivers’, whose abundance of water makes it ideal for growing rice.

This is where the Fior d’Himalaya basmati comes to life, with its refined aroma and its grains that double their length when cooked. A unique variety that boasts not only the largest grain in the world but also a low glycaemic index.

Its soft texture and consistency make for an aromatic rice with an enveloping flavour.

Fior d'Himalaya

Basmati rice with an old-world charm and a refined aroma.

Extra long, slender, ultra-fragrant grains, ideal for exotic recipes and refined dishes.

It is ideal with vegetables, meat and fish.

Bomba, a precious, unique rice worldwide.

This prized variety is the oldest in Spain and can only grow in certain areas. Due to its exclusive origins, it boasts qualities that are simply unique. Its limited production and high quality make Oro di Spagna a highly sought-after rice, considered the best in the world for paella.

This rice a short, slightly rounded, pearl-white grain that releases very little starch during cooking and can therefore double its volume by absorbing liquids, while retaining its pleasant firm consistency.

Its slightly rounded grains have the unique ability to absorb aromas and flavours, while granting a soft and consistent texture.


The legendary bomba rice, king of the paella and more.

Compact, rounded, full-bodied grains with an extraordinary capacity to absorb aromas and flavours, therefore perfect for an impeccable traditional paella.

Ideal for tasty fish or meat recipes.